Ausbildungsprogramm zum Medicine Horse Way Instructor Block 3

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Ausbildungsprogramm zum Medicine Horse Way Instructor Block 3

29 August, 2019 • 10:00 - 1 September, 2019 • 17:00

6 Blöcke a 4 Tage:

Block 1: 21.- 24.02.2019

Block 2: 23.- 26.05.2019

Block 3: 29.08.- 01.09.2019

Block 4: 28.11- 01.12.2019

Block 5: 21.- 24.02.2020

Block 6: 22.- 24.05.2020

Medicine Horse Way Ausbildungsprogramm Program

A WAY in life means to have chosen from all the possibilities, the one WAY that shines brightest for you. Every journey brings experiences to you that could not come in any other WAY. Medicine Horse Way Apprenticeship will bring you authentic community relationships, knowledge and healing along the WAY, and an end result that is much richer than you could ever imagine.

It is important to understand very well that Medicine Horse Way requires your willingness to commit to your own healing, your own freedom, the WAY of your own unique life path. Commitment is nothing more than a deliberate decision that something will be so. When all of your being is involved in the willingness to make a decision, there is literally nothing that can prevent you from the accomplishment of your goal. Through the Medicine Horse Way apprenticeship you will discover a way of walking through life feeling uplifted by something that seems to be forever beyond your ability to explain it, yet it is within you as the core and essence of your being. You become the change you want to see in the world; moving from mystery to mystery to mystery uplifted and carried by something that brings satisfaction and fulfillment to the depth of your soul.

Master Instructor Christiane Löttgen of the MHW, form Carol Roush certificated, is offering Medicine Horse Way Equine Experiential Learning Instructor Apprenticeship program for those who have completed the NOW program or the Pferdeweisheit program and feel the desire to advance their personal development process and become qualified to teach this powerful body of work to others.



29 August, 2019 • 10:00
1 September, 2019 • 17:00